BAD ART! – Art too bad to be ignored


MOBA – The Museum of Bad Art hosts 400 peices of dementedly inspired thrift shop oddities. Each with it’s own story and a rundown of the artist’s dubious aims.

It all started with the deeply, deeply unsettling, unintentionally surrealist painting “Lucy In the Field With Flowers” (<please look!) but my personal favorites follow below:


“A remarkable fusion of ski resort and wolf puppy — stoical in his yellow-eyed silence, frozen beneath the ice-capped peak, Dog eloquently challenges the viewer to re-examine old concepts of landscape.”

And… heh heh

Peter the Kitty

The face of an seasoned sex offender, on a cat – maybe it gets better than that but I haven’t seen it.

The rest of it is all here and it’s all very special.

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