100 days: Day 3


Raining Out.

Carmella arrived at the doorway, sodden.

‘Is it raining out?’ inquired Henry without turning.

‘It is’, stated Carmella. She plunked the milk and her keys onto the kitchen table and stood for a moment. Henry continued to glue matchsticks with a level of concentration usually reserved for a surgeon. She picked the milk up again, just two or three centimetres and deliberately clunked it against the tabletop a second time.

‘Tea?’ he deciphered.

‘Please’, Carmella exerted as she slumped her boxy frame into the uncomfortable slatted folds of the futon. She removed the remote from the curve it had just created in her spine and turned on the television. Jeremy Kyle was shouting at a pregnant woman. Carmella’s jaw slackened and she was gone for a short while.

She was roused by the comforting scent of a warm cup of tea being placed beside her, followed by Henry’s bony arse colliding with the futon slats.

‘How’s your ship coming on?’ Carmella asked while taking stock of the offending item.

‘Yeah alright, got the bow finished yesterday. I was going to show you but you were asleep and, y’know, I knew you wouldn’t care,’ he answered between slurps of tea.

‘I do care,’ she protested, ‘but no, you were right not to wake me.’

She looked over at Henry’s work in progress and was momentarily impressed by the way in which simple matchsticks could collectively form something as visually commanding as a ship’s mast.

‘What kind of boat are you building Henry?’ she asked.

‘It’s a naval ship, HMS Invincible,’ he responded.

‘I must admit, it’s very impressive,’ she conceded, ‘but to what scale are you building it?’

‘One to one, full,’ Henry half responded, enraptured by the physical and verbal outbreak Jeremy Kyle seemed to be refereeing.

‘And you’re going to build the whole thing here, in our studio flat?’ she asked patiently.

‘Yeah,’ was Henry’s response.

‘I haven’t been paying you enough attention have I?’ she asked sadly.

‘No you haven’t,’ he responded, she now had his full attention.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said as they settled into a semi-comfortable cuddle, ‘will you stop building HMS Invincible please?’

‘Ok’ he said.

They watched the rest of Jeremy Kyle and then switched over for Cash In The Attic.

The End.

One Response to “100 days: Day 3”

  1. Lovely technique for the rain, I like how you can only get a sense of her coulore but you can see alot from her shape alone! Another nice look at twisting the mundane 🙂 You seem to be enjoying it soon i’m glad, you will have a great little book when this is done 🙂

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