100 days: Day 4



‘Spare any change mate?’ creaked the man outside the kebab shop. He’d successfully caught Jason’s eye in an exchange too direct to immediately dismiss.

‘Sorry mate, I’ve got nothing on me,’ was Jason’s knee jerk reaction. The man instantly appeared dejected and shot Jason a well worn look of disappointment and dismissal before sitting back down on his slick sleeping bag and turning up ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ on his portable Hi-Fi. Jason stood starring at the man. He looked at Jason quizzically and gave him a single shrug.

‘Uh, actually I do have a bit of change mate,’ Jason riffled through a pocket rich in jingle.

‘Yeah well everyone does mate, don’t they, it’s just whether you can be bothered to share it, yeah?’ said the man. Jason stopped jingling for a moment leaving his hand in an awkward tangle of bus tickets and headphones, his philanthropic intentions bruised.

‘Well do you want some change?’ he asked.

‘Yeah,’ replied the man no longer looking in Jason’s direction.

‘Well then, don’t y’know, be a,’

‘Be a what?’ sparked the man.

‘Nothing, here,’ Jason handed him a fifty pence coin. It was not greeted with the adulation he’d anticipated. The man put it in his pocket and began air conducting the tinny rendition of the theme to ‘Bridge Over The River Kwai’ that streamed from Hi-Fi. Still Jason stood.

‘It’s a shiny one,’ continued Jason immediately feeling foolish as the words left his lips and hit the inhospitably cold air. He man disengaged from his invisible orchestra and placed his imaginary baton by his side. He looked at Jason incredulously.

‘Shiny? Cheers mate, but shiny isn’t accepted as currency at the fucking Ritz yeah, to be honest I’d prefer a quid with a dull finish, maybe even a really grubby tenner, I’m not picky.’

‘Well I just happen to think you are picky, sir,’ responded Jason, riled by this point. ‘Bridge Over The River Kwai’ finished causing the man to give a frustrated grunt and roll his eyes. The theme to Indiana Jones began, he picked up his baton and shot Jason look that could only be interpreted as ‘leave now’.

‘Sorry mate,’ began the man, ‘while your donation of a dazzlingly shiny 50p was very generous and makes you a very good person, it doesn’t buy you any more than a minute standing like an dick in my front room, please move on.’

‘This is Dixons,’ protested Jason.

‘Dixons is my front room, look do you want your 50p back?’ spat the man, rustling in his pocket and producing the gleaming fifty pence coin. Jason thought about it for a moment and decided yes, he did want his coin back. He lent down to collect it from the man’s fingerless gloved hand. The man maintained a pursed lipped look of disbelief and a determination to maintain his principles.

A couple walked past and gave Jason a look of disgust. It was at that moment Jason was hit by a realisation. He looked back to the man, still poised in the action of taking the coin.

‘I see,’ said Jason, ‘this is why no one likes me.’ The man nodded.

The End.

One Response to “100 days: Day 4”

  1. The colours and some of the style remind me of the anime Paranoia Agent, great story again, I am honestly really enjoying your stuff. I think 100 days still has a lot of excitement for me.

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