100 days: Day 5


Man in the sea.

The ocean is magnificent, that is undeniable. To consider the magnitude of vibrant creatures humankind has discovered over decades of painstaking exploration and scientific endeavour is nothing short of breathtaking. The complexities of the deep, the perfection and balance of its self sustaining ecosystem has caused many a man to praise God as a divine designer for lack of any other logical explanation of such unfathomable beauty and purpose. Even more astounding, with this in mind, is to consider that only 5% of the ocean has yet been discovered.

Derek spends everyday at the beach but he hasn’t really considered much of this, he just bloody loves his boat.

3 Responses to “100 days: Day 5”

  1. Sam said

    I just bloody love this blog

  2. Annie Biddlecombe said

    Love this, absolutely brilliant.

  3. Your illustrations are amazing! Great 100 day project.

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