100 days: Day 22


Falling Over.

This is as true as a true story can be, in that it’s a mundane detailing of something that happened to me the other day. It’s been snowing here in Brighton, which was fun but then it got awful icy, oooo really slippery. I was walking down the street and then all of a sudden my feet went from beneath me. I fell straight forward, wangeling out of control, it wasn’t going to end well. But then with the panther like reflexes I thankfully possess I managed to involuntarily hook my arm around a lamppost. This resulted in me pirouetting around the lamppost twice before it spat me back out into a leisurely stroll. I felt like Gene Kelly. Probably looked like a tit.

One Response to “100 days: Day 22”

  1. i just love this pic 🙂

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