100 days: Day 25



‘Stop looking at me, please,’ said Shabbles (pictured).

‘Stop looking all weird then, you look weird.’

‘Yeah, well I can’t help that. If you’re going to come in when I’m reading and put the telly on, then watch the telly, not the side of my head, that’s weird.’

‘And you move all weird, like a robot, but more awkward, like you’re uncomfortable in your own skin. It makes me uncomfortable watching you, like I’m guilty for not notifying some register about you.’

There’s just two people in the room.

‘That’s cruel, and it’s weird that you draw attention to these things, people don’t usually vocalise those thoughts Alvardo. They just keep those things to themselves so that they don’t upset people and alienate themselves. You’re alienating yourself, Alvardo.’

‘What? Alienating myself from you? That’s fine, I don’t like you, so y’know whatevs yeah.’

‘Don’t speak like that, you’re 47 years old man.’

‘Yeah well don’t tell me what to do, bummer.’



‘Right, you’ve got a months notice, this is your months notice, I’m going to type it up later.’

‘Will you write me a reference for my next place?’

‘Yeah, ok.’

‘What about the deposit?’

‘We’ll look at that at the end of the month.’

‘Fine. Mind if I put Antiques Roadshow on?’

‘That’s fine’


‘No thanks.’

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