100 days: Day 27



‘Enough!’ exclaimed Duncan as he violently emerged from an hour of sullen silence. A couple of people spilt a little bit of their pints, not much though, they weren’t too concerned. They looked at him for a moment longer than an inquisitive glance and then continued their conversation.

‘As I was saying, I think that’s the true genius of Jordan, Katie Price,whatever, it’s her ability as a self publicist,’ continued, someone. Duncan stood up and dropped his lower jaw as if to speak, but reconsidered it and just turned and walked from the table, dragging all chairs and stools that happened to catch his feet or legs.

‘Hey Duncan, where are you going?’ called a friend.

Duncan turned at the doorway and declared:

‘I’m no longer connected to this world,’ then went off. Never to be seen again, brooding drama queen.

The same night six sheds went missing from the local area.

3 Responses to “100 days: Day 27”

  1. wow..haven’t visited your blog for a few days, some really great stuff, this one’s amazing!

  2. alana said


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