100 days: Day 28


Collection Day.

‘Terrance, you insufferable bastard, why must you make me wait?’ languished Carl as he became increasingly aware of the unfulfilled sensation in his right hand that seldom lacked a full glass of Crème de Menthe (one of the many kinks he thought added intrigue, perhaps menace).

‘Yeah it’s coming Carl, you’ve just got to be patient mate, I’ve sent one of the boys out for it,’ called Terry from behind a wall laden with lady calenders.

‘Right so,’ slurred Carl as he surveyed the four poorly decorated walls. Terry entered the room and sat beside Carl. Carl wasn’t used to such close proximity, he didn’t hide his disdain, letting out a sharp breath from his wide nostrils.

‘So what brings you here Carl?’ asked Terry.

‘You know very well Terrance,’ said Carl with an arched eyebrow. ‘Where is my money Terrance?’

‘We’ve been through this Carl, time and again, we don’t have a television,’ said Terry.

‘So you claim, the ‘system’ says different,’ challenged Carl.

‘My hospitality knows limits Carl,’ replied Terry through gritted teeth, he lit a cigarette. ‘Now I’m going to have to ask you respectfully to fuck off, Carl.’

At this moment, Carl knew his welcome at the monastery had expired.

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