100 days: Day 29



‘Why couldn’t I run fast as a boy? It’s at the root of all of this. Why was everyone else so fast, and me so slow? If I’d have been fast the Tandy security guys wouldn’t have caught me and this downward spiral wouldn’t have begun. I hate my feet and I’m going to punish them by walking through this pile of dogshit. Yeah, have that, feet. What next?’

The guy was an escapist, he couldn’t take responsibility for his actions, so he blamed fragments of himself. On the day of his release he started with  his feet. It took him a year to wear them down, scouring the land for rough textures.

Fifteen years later he was just a scalp, dragging itself down a gravel driveway. Somehow he still mumbled:

‘Damn scalp, if you hadn’t gone bald prematurely I’d have had the love of a good woman, she’d have set me on the right path…’

2 Responses to “100 days: Day 29”

  1. Josh said

    I blame my brain for all my troubles. That and my crappy body.

  2. marko said

    this guy is great. nice to have met you and loving all the illustration.

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