100 days: Day 38



‘Okay, leave the room, calmly and slowly,’ Gareth suddenly announced.

‘Is he back?’ groaned Ben.

‘He is,’ confirmed Gareth as he slid his arse from the couch.

The giant had cultivated some kind of fascination with the pair and had become an almost permanent fixture at the window. They couldn’t decide whether his heavy breathing was owed to the fact that he was a giant or something a bit more disquieting, the same question hung over his puffed out, reddened features.

They sat at the kitchen table and waited for the moment to pass.

‘This has got stop,’ said Ben as he rubbed his forehead, ‘either that or we’ve got to get a tv for the kitchen.’

‘I’m going to confront him Ben,’ said Gareth, by the looks of things he meant it too.

‘Are you mental?’ responded Ben as he popped the kettle on, ‘he’s a giant, and he seems unhinged, he could kill you,’ Ben turned around holding a mug, ‘Tea?’ he asked the empty room,’shit!’

Ben ran through to the living living where he found Gareth stood at the open window brandishing the mop. The giant was still there.

‘What do you want?’ shouted Gareth, ‘Why wont you let us be?’

The giant said nothing and continued to stare.

‘What do you want?’ persisted Gareth.

‘Is Carol in?’ said the giant in an unexpectedly quiet voice.

‘Carol? No, no one by the name of Carol lives here,’ said Gareth.

‘Oh,’ said the giant before turning and walking away.

‘What just happened?’ asked Ben from behind the couch.

‘Wrong number, I think,’ answered Gareth, slightly bemused, ‘he was asking for ‘Carol’.’

‘Carol? There’s a few people been around looking for a Carol, we’re still getting her post.’ said Ben as the pieces started to fall into place.

‘Want to open one?’ said Gareth with a sly smile.

‘No we shouldn’t,’ said Ben, ‘fuck it, yeah go on then.’

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