100 days: Day 39



‘And how can I be of service?’ said the little man with the little voice from behind his little counter.

‘Just browsing,’ replied Glenda as flippantly as she could muster as she perused the vast array of toby jugs.

‘Very well, I’ll be here if you need me,’ he said as he turned up the volume on the tv, Allo Allo was on, or he had the dvd.

His was a small atmospheric shop that offered whatever the heart desired, on the understanding it was toby jug related. Coincidently Glenda’s heart was longing for just that. She grasped Churchill’s hollow head and drew it to her lips as she imagined supping a beverage from the great man’s crown. She closed her eyes and fantasized that she could absorb his thoughts and acquire orally a minuscule facet of the man’s overwhelming relevance. He’d seen her type before and promptly banned her from the shop, head gluggers he called them.

The author was a bit drunk.

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